Posting with Direct Freight

Posting with Direct Freight Services is always completely free.
You may post loads or trucks online, by fax, or by e-mail.

  1. a.) To post ONLINE, click below and setup a free posting account.

    Post Online

  2. b.) To post by FAX, please fax your list to 660-707-0112.
    To print a fax form for loads or trucks, please click one of the links below or if you already
    have a load list, you can use your existing format.

    Load posting form: (Word document) (PDF document)

    Truck posting form: (Word document) (PDF document)

  3. c.) To post by E-MAIL, please send your list to:
    We recommend sending either a tab delimited file or a CSV (comma delimited) file.
    Microsoft Excel files are also acceptable.

If you have questions about posting, please call us at 888-894-4198.